Jacques Tange

Dutch Artist of the Year

”Welcome you to my colourful world. Please take your time and watch the artworks for a while. Maybe you will discover the themes of the work; most of them are about love and life, city and nature, where the human menagerie dwells as does in dreams. You know dreams are just another reality.”  Jacques Tange

Born in Vlissingen at the 2th of august 1960. Educated at the Rotterdam academy of art. Living and working in Schiedam, The Netherlands. Inspired by the middle ages and using his imagination and humour in present-day themes, he shows us a remarkably closed world. Recognizable themes regularly return in his artistic work about the relationship between man and woman. The urban jungle and the isolation of the human being.

Tange has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe, and has been chosen as “Dutch Artist of the Year,” in the Artist of the Year elections 2005/06 in the Netherlands.


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