“Helping artists and helping art gives me energy and satisfaction”

Thierry Stravers

“I can’t paint. I wish I could, but I am not blessed with the gift. What I can do well is promote. Very good… and very personal.”

That is precisely why we have a very personal relationship with our artists and with our customers. We listen and watch. And then we match. Artists are creators. And that is exactly what they should do….to create!

We are representatives. That is what we do. We pay a lot of attention to the representation of our artists and the promotion and treatment of their art. With a healthy profit on their pieces. But we also represent our clients. What is a customer looking for? What colors and shapes do they like and why do they want to buy art in the first place? It is business and it is personal.

I support young, talented and mid-career artists for some time now. The authentic and pure creativity which surrounds these creators is sometimes dazzling. Would you like to know what we can do for you?
Send me an artistic CV and some photos of your work to: info@thierrystravers.art

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